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Our Mission

OHM is committed to reducing traffic congestion, lowering C02 emissions and improving personal health by encouraging people to leave the car at home, and hop on an e-bike.

Over 50% of North Americans commute a distance achievable by E-bike. Riding an OHM regularly can dramatically improve both your physical and mental health. E-biking has a lower impact than a regular bike, making it comfortable for anyone.Traveling by car adds up fast, but it costs only 5 cents to charge an e-bike! Simply put, E-bikes are fast and comfortable, they are good for your health and don’t break the bank. Once you make the switch, you won’t go back.


We offer rentals for short term trials. Perfect for those on the fence, or companies wanting to run an E-bike to work week.


For extended use we provide leasing options.


We offer considerable discounts on corporate fleets for employers who wish to supply a number of permanent E-bikes to their work force.

E-Bike to Work

Our E-bike to work programs leave everyone smiling!

At the start, 75% of participants were dissatisfied with their commute, agreeing that their commute directly affects their job satisfaction.

Those participants who drove to work were able to E-bike in an equal amount of time.

Those who bussed were able to complete their commute in half the time on e-bike.

75% of participants felt happier and more energized with their E-bike commute.

By the end of the week all participants were very satisfied with their e-bike commute compared with their usual transport mode.

With 50% saying they are very likely to choose commuting by e-bike as their primary transport mode.