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OHM E-bikes Size and Fitting Guide

Posted by Josiane Vlitos on

Riding the wrong size bike to equivalent to wearing the wrong size shoes, uncomfortable and potentially cause for injury. That's why you should raise an eyebrow when you see the term "one size fits all" or "universal-fit" when shopping for an E-bike. 

At OHM we know the importance of providing a range frame sizes to accommodate every rider.  We go above and beyond most manufacturers offering 4 sizes in all our bike models, including an extra small 15" frame, and an extra-large 22.5" frame. This attention to sizing ensures that riders of all heights can find an ergonomic, safe ride. 

Here are some tips for finding the correct frame size to fit you: 

At OHM we've put careful consideration into creating the most ergonomic riding positions. These postures provide a low impact, comfortable ride. 

Make sure to read the Frame Geometry sections on our bike pages to help guide you in finding the right frame size. 


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