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NEW: CITY Step-Thru Model Announcement!

Posted by Christine DeVisser on

Shipping Spring 2018

We have been listening to our friends (also known as customers), and have been working hard to deliver the fantastic city ride they have been asking for.

What did we learn from their feedback?

  • We want a step-thru model!

Step-thru? Great idea!  Aside from being cruiser-cool in aesthetic, a step-thru makes it MUCH easier to get on and off the bike

  • A 16.5″ isn’t as maneuverable for more petite people to ride.  Is everyone at OHM a basketball player?

The answer? We are offering the City in a <5’4″ friendly 15″ model

  •  A 500W motor is overkill for me.  

Answer?  The CITY model is available in either 350W or 500W editions.  Why opt for the 350W?  Maybe you don’t prefer to go everywhere at 45km/h (28mp/h),  but would prefer to go a longer distance on each charge.  Need a bike to get to work or do a Saturday morning trip to the farmers’ market?  This is your ride. 

  • Can you make a more affordable offering?

Absolutely.  We will be offering special edition pre-orders of the OHM CITY 350/500W models for holiday season, 2017!


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