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Apr 13 2014 |
Find a bike that is right for you.
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hydroformed_2 300

Frame Tech

Apr 2 2014 |
Lighter, stiffer
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bionx d series motor


Mar 29 2014 |
+ Reliabilty
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Urban XU700

@ebikereview of OHM Urban XU700

Summary: A high power, high speed, urban style electric bike with nearly every accessory you could, great for commuting or trekking Extremely quiet drivetrain, four levels of assist and regen with variable speed trigger throttle, removable battery, display panel LCD and quick release front wheel Impressive weight ~51 lbs considering the accessories (lights, fenders, rack, […]
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EBR Sport 300

@ebikereview of OHM Sport XS750

Summary: A powerful and sturdy city style electric bike with comfortable but slightly more aggressive ergonomics, premium tires and upgraded suspension fork with lockout 500 watt BionX D-Series motor is near silent but very strong for climbing, BionX DV battery offers 48 volts of power No bottle cage, optional rack and fenders improve utility, removable […]
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EBR OHM Cycles

@ebikereview of OHM Urban XU700LS ‘Step Thru’

┬áSummary: A premium step-thru electric bike with fenders, rack, lights and suspension fork (with lockout) for under $3k Reinforced hydro formed aluminum alloy frame is sturdier than other low-step models I’ve tested, the double-chain stayadds stiffness, available in three frame sizes for better fit and ergonomics Heavier BionX P 350 motor offers more power for […]
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