Delivering More Than Just Food with an Electric Bike

Feb 9 2014 | Product Reviews

By Cathy Lau

Delivering food orders by bike is no easy task when your delivery routes are filled with steep hills and traffic. Wanting her company’s new delivery bike to be one she could trust to deliver both her food and her employees safely and reliably, Seattle café owner Emily Mabus invested in an OHM electric bike.

Electric Bike Restaurant Delivery

Emily explained:

“We found the OHM website and watched the video. Because Seattle Electric Bike is in my neighborhood, it was easy to come in and look at the inventory. We decided to use the OHM because we needed a reliable and safe bike that had endurance. We also felt that we would get quick, reliable service for it if there was any problem down the road.”

Since mid-March, the company’s OHM XS750 has roamed Capitol Hill every day, always ready to uphold the Other Coast Café’s daily 11am-9pm delivery schedule – helping the café’s employees promptly deliver its delicious sandwiches to hungry customers.

Emily describes:

“We have about seven people who ride the OHM, all with different heights and skill levels. We use it every day, during daylight and evening. The OHM takes us up and down the hills of Seattle in all kinds of traffic. It can handle it with ease.

Its reliability has meant that we can be on it every day without incident.  My staff likes the pedal assist and that the electric bicycle rides and handles just like a regular bike.  It’s easier to park, as well!

OHM Electric Bikes and The Other Coast Cafe

The fact that my staff feels more confident on this bike makes me believe that they can concentrate on the traffic better – enabling them to be safe.  It really handles our heavier deliveries with ease.”

These benefits have given Emily a greater peace of mind with her OHM than with her previous company delivery bike:

“I feel comfortable knowing that my employees are riding a safe bike – I used to worry about their safety on the other bike as its performance became very poor and unreliable.”

Her customers also appreciate the new bike:

“Our regular customers are glad that we can offer a more reliable schedule of delivery for them.  We were often having to only do walking deliveries when our previous bike was in the shop.”

The café’s first electric delivery bike has delivered such positive experiences that, already, a second one is a possibility:

We only have delivery at our Capitol Hill location. If we open our Ballard location up to delivery, we would certainly buy an OHM for that purpose.”