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Urban XU700 best electric bike

Voted best speed pedelec by @ebikereview

Summary: A high power, high speed, urban style electric bike with nearly every accessory you could, great for commuting or trekking Extremely quiet drivetrain, four levels of assist and regen with variable speed trigger throttle, removable battery, display panel LCD and quick release front wheel Impressive weight ~51 lbs considering the accessories (lights, fenders, rack, […]
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EBR Sport 300

@ebikereview of OHM Sport XS750

Summary: A powerful and sturdy city style electric bike with comfortable but slightly more aggressive ergonomics, premium tires and upgraded suspension fork with lockout 500 watt BionX D-Series motor is near silent but very strong for climbing, BionX DV battery offers 48 volts of power No bottle cage, optional rack and fenders improve utility, removable […]
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EBR OHM Cycles

@ebikereview of OHM Urban XU700LS ‘Step Thru’

 Summary: A premium step-thru electric bike with fenders, rack, lights and suspension fork (with lockout) for under $3k Reinforced hydro formed aluminum alloy frame is sturdier than other low-step models I’ve tested, the double-chain stayadds stiffness, available in three frame sizes for better fit and ergonomics Heavier BionX P 350 motor offers more power for […]
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Ken S2

Customer Review: Urban XU700-16

Dec 15 2014 | Product Reviews
Ken from Delta, BC rides new Urban XU700-16 Guys the bike is more than the perfect ride if that’s possible. It took a bit of getting used to (10 minutes) the way the torque sensor “rides” when compared with simple, crude, cadence sensors.   The XU700 is so smooth. The way it works really is more like […]
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2 Staff + Corporate fleet 300

E-bikes: The New “Classy” Corporate Fleets

Aug 8 2014 | Product Reviews
By Cathy Lau A Quebec firm used a clever approach to show companies the many advantages of using electric bikes and other green modes of transportation to get around for day-to-day business. Electric Bikes: the new corporate vehicles! Fauteux et associés, a landscape architecture firm in Montreal, Quebec, presented a playful display comparing its company bikes to […]
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Electric Bike Restaurant Delivery

Delivering More Than Just Food with an Electric Bike

Feb 9 2014 | Product Reviews
By Cathy Lau Delivering food orders by bike is no easy task when your delivery routes are filled with steep hills and traffic. Wanting her company’s new delivery bike to be one she could trust to deliver both her food and her employees safely and reliably, Seattle café owner Emily Mabus invested in an OHM […]
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OHM XU700 in Chicago

Finding Freedom, Access, and Perspective, with an Electric Bike

Feb 7 2014 | Product Reviews
By Cathy Lau Just a few months have passed since he bought his first electric bike, but already, Chicagoan Michael Landeche experiences the city in a very different light. The OHM Cycles XU700 and the Chicago skyline! Michael took some time to share the choice and flexibility he has added to his life thanks to the […]
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Robert Vancouver

Uncovering New Possibilities with an Electric Bike

Feb 6 2014 | Product Reviews
By Cathy Lau Vancouverite Robert Ives didn’t realize how much one purchase would change his life when decided to buy an electric bike. What started out as a “large investment” turned into “one of the best investments [he] ever made.” Here’s what he had to say about the experience: “Nudging 65, I was in definite […]
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Ironic E-bike Incentive

By Cathy Lau OHM riders get to use their e-bike to do as much or as little work as they want – some choose to pedal hard; others let the battery do more of the work for them. Richard Bellamy, a 69-year-old living in hilly Seattle, actually uses his e-bike’s power as an incentive to […]
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Randy Reitz OHM profile

Upgrading from E-bike Kit to E-bike: Considerations from a Rider

By Cathy Lau So you’ve decided you want to add a boost to your bike rides, and discovered you can do this easily with an electric bike. How do you decide whether to transform an existing bike with an e-bike kit or buy a ready-made electric bike? Seattleite Randy Reitz has done both, testing the […]
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