Frame Technology

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Constructed with ADVANCE™ hydroformed aluminum tubing for the most stable yet lightweight geometry produced to date. Incorporating the latest in electric bike technology, each frame is quality-engineered to accommodate specific components and handle a distinct drive system.

Hydroformed Aluminum

The hydroforming process allows for superior e-bike construction. OHM has engineered a strong, stylish and lightweight frame in a strategic shape for optimum performance and comfort.

  • Highest tensile strength
  • Lightweight – 2.2 kg (4.8 lb)

Post Mount Brakes

The brakes are integrated into the rear dropouts, reducing the amount of hardware needed in construction and building a more solid connection with the bike.

  • Creates a stronger frame structure
  • Reduces weight

Internal Cable Routing

Internal cable routing produces an all-weather and sleek-looking ride.

  • Protects cables from dirt and water
  • Reduces clutter

Reinforced Battery Mounts

Three braze-welded inserts provide sturdy mounts for the battery pack on the downtube.

  • Creates better balanced bike
  • Eliminates rattling of battery pack when riding

Tapered Head Tube

The tapered head tube provides increased strength and stiffness for a more responsive ride.

  • Tapers from 1-1/8” upper to 1 ½” lower
  • Offers better riding stability and handling