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How do I change a flat tire?

Always turn off the propulsion system prior to connecting or disconnecting the motor cables.

To remove the rear wheel
1 Make sure that the system is turned off via the console 
2 Shift bike into the highest gear (smallest sprocket)
3 Disconnect the two cable connections that lead to the motor 
4 Loosen the axle nut on the rear wheel using a wrench
5 Slide the rear wheel downwards, out of the dropout

Installing the rear wheel
1 Guide the rear wheel axle into the dropouts and ensure that the brake disc rotor is inserted between the brake pads. Ensure that the torque reaction collar is aligned so that it fits into the left dropout. Make sure the axle is inserted all the way into the dropouts
2 Tighten the axle nuts to proper torque spec. This torque is essential for the correct function of the propulsion system. If you do not have a torque wrench, use a normal wrench, and then have your dealer check the torque of the axle nuts as soon as possible. Use only the original axle nuts; otherwise you run the risk of damaging the axle threads 
3 Connect the cables (POWER A before COMMUNICATION B )
4 Keep the motor cables clear of the brake disc rotor and the motor casing 

It is essential that the axle nuts are tightened to proper torque:

2008-2016 models: Drive side 40Nm (30lb-ft); Non-Drive side 40Nm (30lb-ft)

2017 models: Drive side 35Nm (25.8lb-ft); Non-Drive side 15Nm (11lb-ft)

This assures that the propulsion system functions properly. Ensure the torque reaction collar is fully inserted into the dropout. The notch on the non-drive side must also be facing in the direction of 6 o’clock (within 5° either way). If this notch placement is incorrect, please consult your dealer.

If your bike is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes: Do not pull the brake lever with the brake disc on the rear wheel removed from the caliper. Insertion of the wheel can be difficult or impossible as the brake pads will prevent the brake disc from sliding in place.