This section covers some of the issues that can occur with your OHM Electric Bike and provides troubleshooting steps to resolve an issue yourself.

Problem Common Cause Solution
The system doesn’t turn on. Wrong connections.
  1. Verify all connections to the console and to the motor are correct.
  2. Pull the battery off and put it back on.
The throttle stops working. Requires a reset.
  1. Turn on the system. Press “Mode” and “G” at the same time. This will initiate a countdown from 9 to 1; during the countdown, push the throttle on. The throttle will now be reset.
The system turns on giving you assistance with the throttle but no proportional assistance. The driveshaft is misaligned.
  1. Go to your OHM dealer and have them reset the driveshaft notch to 6 o’clock.
The system turns on but you don’t get any assistance from the motor. The wiring to the motor is disconnected.
  1. Turn you system off.
  2. Unplug and plug back both wires going to the motor.
The system goes into regenerative mode when the brake is not on. The brake sensor has moved away from the magnet.
  1. Verify you still have the magnet under your brake lever and that the brake sensor has not slipped away from the magnet. Re-align the brake sensor so it goes into regenerative mode only when you apply the brake.
The console display is not correctly visible. The contrast is misadjusted.
  1. Press both “crono” and -A to increase contrast.
  2. Press both “crono” and -G to decrease contrast.
The console display is not correctly visible. Needs a full battery cycle.
  1. Fully discharge the battery and recharge it.
The charger doesn’t charge, the yellow light and/or the fan do not turn on. Requires a reset.
  1. Turn your charger off.
  2. Unplug the charger from the wall socket and from the battery. Move the voltage selector switch back and forth several times from 115 to 230, and reset firmly to 115. 115 NA and 230 in EU.
  3. Turn the charger back on.