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Electric Bike Range Calculator

Start your range calculation by plotting your bike route

  1. Enter your start and end addresses and click "Plot Route"
  2. Or click two points on the map below and then the "Calculate My Battery Consumption" button

      Battery Charge Remaining

      Mode 1 (35%) Mode 2 (75%) Mode 3 (150%) Mode 4 (300%)
      * Each mode offers an increasing percentage of assistance proportionate to the rider's pedalling effort.
      Rise and fall in meters over the course of the trip
      Distance increments
      Battery Consumption considering Ascent and Descent
      Actual Consumption Rate
      Battery Consumption without Ascent

      Your Route Summary

      Total Distance
      Riding Time
      Distance Going Uphill
      Distance Going Downhill
      Total Climb in Elevation

      Your change in elevation throughout your bike ride

      Distance travelling uphill vs downhill


      * Maximum range based on one battery charge, using selected assistance mode, according to use in ideal conditions.
      Distances may vary depending on road conditions, riding surface, cyclist weight and assistance required.