Ride Like This: Best Electric Bike Performance

Feb 7 2014 | Latest News

OHM customers Dave and Stefan will tell you that it costs more to try to recreate an OHM-like bike than it does to just buy an OHM.

Both researched what it would take to make e-bikes themselves with electric motor kits and premium bike components. Both concluded that it would cost too much to get the quality and performance they wanted. Both ended up buying an OHM. (One even started selling them out of his car and eventually became an OHM electric bike dealer!)

OHM bikes are the e-bikes you would design for yourself if you could afford to: Every component is chosen to give you the best riding performance, from accelerating, hill climbing, and braking, to maintaining steady assistance through long commutes and bike trips. And you get it all without paying the price of a custom-made bike.

So what qualities separate OHM e-bikes from other bikes?

1.   Motor power and battery capacity

Generally, e-bike performance is measured by two factors: motor power and battery capacity.

Motor performance

The average e-bike provides a continuous power of 250W and a peak power of 500W. Equipped with a high torque BionX motor, the OHM has a nominal power of 350W and a peak power of 700W to help you conquer both hills and flat terrain with equal elegance. The motor is both silent and lighter in weight than 50% of the bike motors used in most e-bikes.

OHM bikes also have three times the acceleration speed and two times the sustained high climbing power of the average e-bike. The average bike accelerates from 0-20km/h in 10 seconds and can climb for 8km (5mi). OHMs accelerate from 0-20km/h in 5.8 sec and can keep climbing for 23km (14mi).

Battery performance

While the average e-bike battery will let you ride for 30 to 60km before needing to be recharged, OHM e-bikes offer 50% more range by powering up to 90km per charge. This means that you can ride your bike for longer distances without worrying about your battery power running out. And, because the bikes are pedal-assisted, rather than fully motorized, you can still ride it like a normal bike rather than having to walk it, if the battery does run out.

OHM bikes can also sustain a higher rate of discharge for longer periods compared with other bikes. OHMs use Lithium Manganese batteries designed for high power application. These provide a continuous 3C battery delivery rate, which lets you accelerate quickly and helps you power through long hills climbs easily without breaking a sweat.

The Lithium-ion batteries also offer several other advantages: they are lightweight, have a high open circuit voltage (which means they can transfer an increased amount of power at a low current), a low self discharge rate (which means a longer storage life), and no memory effect (which means they can be charged at any time and still retain full capacity).

2.   Regenerative braking

OHM electric bikes are one of the few e-bikes to offer regenerative braking. This recuperates the energy generated while braking, and can extend range up to 15%. This feature is especially useful if your average ride covers lots of hills – you can gain some of that energy back each time you go downhill. Regen braking also makes your brake pads last two times longer.

3.   Brakes

While most e-bikes have mechanical disc brakes, OHM bikes use hydraulic brakes, which offer twice the stopping power. You will understand the meaning of “stopping on a dime” when you try them out.

4.    Lights

OHM bikes make your ride even safer by using LED lights, which are five times brighter than the average front and rear lights. In addition, they come equipped with daytime running lights, as well as a spatial light strip that lets drivers estimate how far away they really are from you.

Part for part, OHM electric bikes offer the best riding experience at the most reasonable price.

Why pay double to triple the price for a custom-made bike when everyone can Ride Like This on an OHM?

Take a test-ride today at your nearest OHM bike dealer to discover what the best electric bike performance feels like.