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More Fun and Freedom on an OHM Electric Bike

By Cathy Lau

OHM riders know they can count on a good time when they hop on their e-bike. Fun and
positive experiences were a big factor in Seattlelite Karen Farnsworth’s decision to buy
and regularly use her OHM.

Karen F OHM Ebike Review

“I chose the OHM because I rode several e-bikes and it was far and away the most fun
ride. And the quality seemed great.”

Being able to “go up hills fast, without strain” made the OHM stick out during her test-

“My biggest reservation was the weight; it is heavy to lift onto a metro bus. I need help
to do it,” she explains. “But I had given up on finding an e-bike under 50 lbs., so I was
ready to buy.”

And she doesn’t regret her decision:

“I use my bike almost as my sole transportation; I commute to work – a 16 mile round
trip – and I use it for getting around West Seattle and Burien. Hardly a day goes by when
I don’t use it. The only thing I can’t do is get straw or chicken feed with it…

What a change from her old cycling experiences:

“Prior to buying it, I used a bike with a 5 speed internal hub, but the gears slipped and I
dreaded the hills. Not anymore! Now I don’t hesitate to go anywhere.”

And Karen knows she’s not alone if she ever does encounter problems or need some

“Another thing that OHM had in its favour was the sales staff. Heidi was helpful and
accommodating (we came on a Sunday) and a young man rode with us giving us a lesson
on how to use the motor. I had trouble with water getting into the connections early on,
(600 miles) but Stephan got that fixed and it has been months since I’ve had a problem.
He put some “dielectric” lubricant around the connections, and that seemed to do the
trick. I should get another application…

My OHM is part of my life now and I love it!”