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The classic BionX rear wheel motor with integrated power measurement.

Command Console

Bionx E-Bike Console

A user-friendly BionX command console is the brain behind the OHM electric power bicycle's Intelligent Mobility System. Multifunctional and providing four levels of support, the console lets you configure the drive system according to your preferences.

BionX command console details:

  • Displays speed, battery charge, distance, and levels of pedaling assistance and energy generation
  • Thumb throttle for more power on demand
  • Backlit LCD screen for use day or night
  • Anti-theft alarm to protect your bike

Bike Motor

Bionx E-Bike Motor

OHM's powerful BionX bike motor silently drives the rear wheel hub, providing 300% pedal assistance and recuperating the braking energy to the battery. BionX's upgraded SinDrive technology has produced a vibration-free electric bike motor that still focuses on maximum driving efficiency.

BionX bike motor details:

  • Lightweight - 3.36 kg (7.4 lb)
  • Power - 350W nominal (700W peak)
  • High Torque - 9/40 Nm (6.6/29 lb-ft)
  • Generator mode - extends range up to 15%
  • Brushless DC motor - maintenance-free and long lifetime

Bike Battery

Bionx E-Bike Battery

The super-charged electric bicycle battery pack is something to get excited about: The extra power provides more range, and the best distance-to-weight ratio. A lighter weight and low center mounting of our bicycle battery provides better balance and stability. The customized battery case is fully integrated with the frame, but still a cinch to remove and recharge.

BionX bike motor details:

  • High-powered - 37V 9.6 Ah / 355 Wh
  • Lightweight and portable - 3.5 kg (7.7 lb)
  • Longer range rides - Ride up to 90 km (55 miles) on a single charge
  • Patented quick-connect design - easily remove pack for recharge
  • Integrated carry handle for added convenience
  • Weather-proof and scratch-resistant casing



The SRAM E-matic system with automatic shifting for optimized performance delivers a simple, safe and smart city ride.


Sram E-Bike Motor

Designed to be the perfect balance of power and speed, the motor is the epicenter of this streamlined three-piece system. The fully enclosed hub houses a transmission that shifts automatically, ensuring you’re always in the right gear.

SRAM motor details:

  • Compact - Motor controller, torque-sensor and gearbox completely enclosed in rear hub
  • Smart – Monitoring of rider input and automatic shifting optimizes system performance
  • Safe – Eliminating handle bar controls lets you focus on enjoying the ride


Sram E-Bike Motor

The battery pack is mounted on a specially designed rear carry rack, which also functions as a cargo rack with a spring-loaded clip.

Choose from three battery sizes:

  • 36V 6Ah - 30-60km (19-37 mi)
  • 36V 8Ah – 40-80km (25-50 mi)
  • 36V 10Ah – 50-95km (31-59 mi)



Engineered for the best comfort and performance, Advance™ features ground up design with a hydroformed frame.


Manufactured utilizing hydroforming, we’ve produced our strongest, lightest and most rigid frame yet. Add in optimized frame geometry and a standard wheelbase for the best handling, and this frame offers you the most responsive ride.

  • Multiple frame sizes – Find your best fit
  • Internal cable routing – Reduces clutter around frame
  • Lightweight - 2.1 kg (4.6 lb.)