Second-Hand OHM; First-Rate Experience

May 2 2013 | Product Reviews

Vancouverite Tom Heah discovered that all OHM owners get first-rate treatment – even those with pre-loved electric bikes.

Since first purchasing his OHM commuter bike over Craigslist, he has been “really happy with it.”

Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

“Customer service has been fantastic since I got my bike. Michael, the owner, has upgraded my motor, bike computer and shocks, as well as the software on the bike computer, and the bike runs like a charm. Any issues, and there are very few, are resolved quickly, giving one confidence in this product.”

Tom, who has been cycling for 40 years, had to restrict his cycling due hip and back pain until he bought his OHM electric bicycle.

Tom's Electric Bike Review

“The OHM bicycle has renewed my pleasure in bicycling, making commuting much more pleasurable and convenient. It is a very comfortable ride on both asphalt and light gravel, such as the UBC Endowment Lands. It makes cycling up steep hills a cinch.

“I commute about 12 km each way daily, from Kitsilano to the PNE area, and use my bike about once or twice a week, sometimes more often. Previously, this was more like once a month on my other bike. The terrain is rolling, with 2 steep climbs, which the OHM bike handles like a charm. Unlike with my other bicycle, I don’t have to bring a change of clothing to the office with my OHM bike, as I can adjust the level of assist. On days when I don’t want to be too sweaty coming to the office, I just increase my level of assist, and the motor does the work. On my way home, I can usually use a lower level of assist, getting more exercise. I once did a 30km trail ride through UBC Endowment Lands, and the battery had lots of juice at the end of my ride.

In my experience, what has distinguished OHM from other companies is its innovative products, and excellent customer service and follow-up. One feels that, if there is anything that goes wrong with the bike – and nothing has – you can always call up the company, and your issues will be resolved. If you are looking for a reliable, innovative riding experience, OHM Cycles is a great bet!”