Regaining the Cycling Freedom With an OHM Electric Bike

Nov 21 2012 | Product Reviews

By Cathy Lau

30 years after a car accident stole away his ability to cycle where and when he liked, Blake Thomson regained his cycling freedom with an OHM electric bike.


Here’s what Blake had to say about his experience:

“I was in a horrific auto accident in 1981 and one of the injuries was my heel bone being crushed.  The heel is normally shaped like a shoe and it was now like a pancake.  8 months of compression casts put the bone back sort of like it was.  The muscle atrophy and very limited range of motion made my right foot a lot weaker and less mobile.

I tried to ride but was met with frustration.  I tried to get lighter bikes, but they were a lot less stable.  I did get a Rans Crank Forward bike as it was stable, but was limited mostly to the flat places.

Biking before my e-bike was like having 1 ⅓ feet as my left foot did most of the work, especially starting and hills.  I therefore did not do that much biking as I live in a hilly area.

The technology has improved a great deal and so I started researching the different brands and technologies.  I ID’d the OHM as the leading edge of technology and a local manufacturer and dealer.

I purchased the OHM in July.  The OHM has enabled me to ride again without regard to what the terrain is.  The pedal assist feature balances my “feet” which makes riding a real pleasure.  Going home up the hill is no longer any consideration.  I just do it. I also bought a Travoy trailer and with the combo of the two I can shop and do whatever in town while getting my exercise.  I am retired so a commute is not an issue.  

I chose the OHM as it was the best equipped and complete pedal assist bike.  The quality is really great and it is well thought out.  The bike is very stable while riding, so the weight here is a big plus.  I also do 5 to 10 mile recreational rides a couple of times a week while the weather is cooperating.

If you feel like cycling is not cooperating with your body, don’t lose hope. Like Blake, you may find that a high performance electric bicycle may be just the thing to let you cycle freely again.