Amazing OHM Bike

Oct 1 2010 | Customer Reviews

David shared a review on 2010.10.01
Ohm Bike Model: XU700
Total Time (h:m:s): 2 hrs
Distance (mi/km): 40km

I totally love my bike. Yesterday I rode in the open countryside against a 40 kph headwind and several medium inclines. Using various power settings and gearing the ride was an extreme pleasure, also providing healthy moderate exercise. Before my OHM bike I would have stayed home waiting for calmer weather. I feel that a whole new cycling world has opened up for me.

The saddle is a miracle in itself, 100% better than my previous gel seat. After 1 1/2 hours of riding I experienced none of the male crotch “tingling” associated with many other types of saddle. Everything about the power selecting and smooth transitions is perfect. The throttle is very useful for safe, fast crossing of intersections and for a brief power boost when starting up. I have a Topeak bag coming this week to complete the usefulness of the excellent rack you have provided.

Another wonderful feature is the bullet proof tires which reduce my concern about a flat while on the road or trail.

Again, thank you for creating such a durable, well designed bike that has enhanced my life so much.

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