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Electric Bicycle Advantages

Electric bicycles have important advantages over a regular bike. Even if you're physically fit and exercise regularly, there are many reasons why you should consider an electric bike:

Intelligent Pedal Assistance

Environmentally Friendly Commute

Reduce your carbon footprint by commuting with an electric power bike. Regular bikes obviously fall into this category too, but when you factor in all the other electric bicycle advantages below, you'll see why electric bikes are the choice of city commuters in many European cities.

Powered Up

Long Distances

An electric bike can take you longer distances (known as "range") with less effort in a shorter period of time. This pairing of a motor with a long-range battery gives you the freedom to ride for 90km (55 miles) or two to five hours on a single charge.

Longer Battery Range

Hill Climbs

Well-designed electric bikes help you power up steep hills with little effort and no performance anxiety - especially if you're carrying extra cargo. A throttle on some electric power bikes (such as OHM) provides extra speed boosts.

Attention to Detail

No Sweat

Electric power bikes allow you to get straight to work when you arrive at your destination. No mopping your brow or hitting the shower - just grab your removable battery pack and go. You can still fit in exercise on your ride home by lowering the level of pedal assistance.

Intelligent Pedal Assistance

Keep Pace

Some couples or riding partners have different fitness and stamina levels. An e-bike evens out the playing field, allowing you to comfortably ride wherever (big hills, challenging terrain, long stretches) and the confidence to ride with whomever (Lance Armstrong, Andrew Shandro, your teenager).

Powered Up

Fun Factor

Another reason why electric bikes are popular: you can have fun and enjoy keeping fit without the fatigue. Imagine the wind in your face while speeding past others during the morning commute or not gasping for air after riding up a mountain trail. That's what we're talking about.

OHM's Additional Electric Bike Advantages

Compared to other e-bikes, OHM electric bikes offer these extra advantages:

True Electric Hybrid Bicycle

It looks and feels like a regular bike... but it's not. OHM electric bikes combine a smooth, silent hub motor with pedal assistance. You still need to pedal, but you can also request help from the motor. You receive the benefits of exercise, combined with the ability to go farther distances and up bigger hills.

Intelligent Drive

OHM electric power bikes have an intelligent mobility system that links an LCD command console with the motor and battery. Mounted to the handlebars, the console allows you to set riding preferences as well as view your speed, distance travelled, battery charge levels and more. When pedaling, the motor sensor intuitively measures your pedaling force and provides assistance proportionate to your effort.

Lightweight Integrated Design

Adding a motor kit to a regular bike works for some people, but is not recommended for commuting or mountain biking. An electric bike that is designed from the ground up like OHM means lighter-weight frames and custom components that provide balance, stability and performance.

Regenerative Braking

This feature produces extra battery life by regenerating the battery when you apply the brakes, and letting you ride longer.


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