From the effective top tube length and head tube angle, to the seat tube length and wheelbase, OHM bicycle geometry design is precision- engineered. How an e-bike fits and rides affects your comfort as well as the efficiency and responsiveness of your bike.

ADVANCE™ Geometry

Your most efficient and comfortable riding position is determined by the relative position of the handlebar, saddle and pedals. Whether you’re after more upright touring geometry or more nimble trekking geometry, OHM’s ADVANCE™ geometry design has your needs covered. Since our inception in 2005, our company has been at the forefront in understanding how these interconnected elements should work together flawlessly in the design of an electric bicycle frame, and how the geometry contributes to the best frame performance.

Fit & Sizing

The goal of OHM’s bike geometry design is to connect the bike and rider in perfect harmony. An individualized fit is scientifically proven to help you ride longer, faster and with more comfort.

Frames are available in four sizes. To find the perfect fit, see your local licensed OHM electric bike dealer for assistance.