About OHM

OHM_Badge_WebOHM Cycles Ltd. is an electric bike manufacturer based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We began in 2005 with a desire and curiosity to find a quality-built high performance electric bike. Our founder, Michael DeVisser, had been living and working in Beijing, surrounded by electric bikes. Passionate about the concept, Michael set out to design and manufacture a more streamlined and powerful version for the North American market.

Focused on the goal of producing a premium electric bike with exceptional range and features, the OHM team spent five years researching and testing electric bikes around the world. When we were confident with the prototype results, we produced our first line of custom-built electric bikes in Canada.

We’re Different: High Performance Electric Bikes

We manufacture high performance electric bikes with the finest technology and components, including a powerful but silent BionX electric bike motor, an intelligent drive system with four pedal-assisted settings and a patented removable electric bicycle battery.

From the beginning, we perceived the need to create high performance electric bike models based on different rider needs: a solid city commuter e-bike (OHM Urban) and a fun-loving electric mountain bike (OHM Sport). As hybrid bicycles, they can be used as a regular bike or as an e-bike with intuitive auto-assist modes. Both bike models are lightweight and offer a premium riding experience through their powerful drive system, long battery range, superior components, comfort and versatility.

As the largest electric bike manufacturer in Canada, we are the only company creating purpose-built e-bikes from the ground up. OHM bikes feature proprietary frame technology and custom center-mounted battery packs. Lightweight and well balanced, our electric bikes provide the ultimate riding experience.

Our Mission and Vision

As an electric bike manufacturer, our mission is to produce premium power-on-demand bikes with exceptional riding range and features. We aim to continually develop and upgrade our high performance electric bikes in order to offer the latest technology within the scope of our business.

Our vision: To create the finest hybrid bicycles on the market and to be seen as a leader in electric bike manufacturing.

Creating electric bikes in Vancouver, Canada, means OHM Cycles is actively participating in the city of Vancouver’s mandate to become the greenest city in the world by 2020. We are a proud proponent of going green with electric bikes—an eco-friendly solution to the world’s environmental and transportation changes.

Learn more about why we have the best electric bicycles  or test-ride one of our high performance electric bicycles at a dealer to see what we’re talking about.

Why OHM?

The inspiration for our name comes from the German physicist, Georg Ohm, who developed an important theory for electrical current and is the namesake for ohm (Ω), a unit of electrical resistance.