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Ride Like This

What’s it Like to Ride an OHM Electric Bike?

OHM Electric Bike Performance

There’s no ride like OHM. OHM bikes bring together the highest quality bike components for the best electric bike performance.

As one OHM customer said, “…there’s just no other bike out there that provides the combination of electric assistance in such a polished package, do-it-all, go anywhere capability, and high quality components for the price.”

So, what’s it like to ride an OHM electric bike?

Here’s what our customers say:


“The saddle is a miracle in itself, 100% better than my previous gel seat. After one and a half hours of riding I experienced none of the male crotch “tingling” associated with many other types of saddle. Everything about the power selecting and smooth transitions is perfect.”


“The throttle is very useful for safe, fast crossing of intersections and for a brief power boost when starting up.”

“Reliable, high quality components and perhaps one of the safest ebikes on the market with excellent halogen lights, and front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. While riding on our city streets being visible and able to stop quickly are important in avoiding interactions with cars.”


“… the bullet proof tires … reduce my concern about a flat while on the road or trail.”


“…with the OHM bike, we can make a difficult ride fun.”

“…we can go farther, faster and over hilly terrain. That [makes] cycling – and exercise – truly enjoyable day in and day out.


“With good quality rain gear the rides in stormy west coast weather are enjoyable and the bikes have had no issues with torrential rain.”

“The bike is extremely versatile, some days I will throttle my way into work with a dress and heels on, the next day I will peddle the whole way in with jeans on.”


“Placing the bike in power assist 1 is like loping off 20 years!”

“The Ohm performs flawlessly and takes the hill out the hills. It’s like riding a road bike on flat terrain on a windless day.”

As easy or hard as you want it to be!

“This ‘intelligent’ bike also allows you to choose the assist level, depending on the surface you’re riding, so you can basically decide for yourself what kind of workout you want.”

Experience the comfortable, safe, low-stress, enjoyable, adaptable, super-powered, easy (or as hard as you want it to be) ride for yourself. Ride Like This on an OHM electric bike.