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San Fran Commute


Cari shared a review on 2008.12.25
Ohm Bike Model: XS700
Total Time (h:m:s): 30 mins
Distance (mi/km): 10 mi
Elevation Gain (ft/m): 500ft
About a year ago I sold my car and upgraded to an OHM. I was at the point where living in an Urban city, with no parking and parking tickets galore, it was just not worth the hassle to own a vehicle.Living in a city such as San Francisco where public transportation takes forever and hills are rampant, the OHM was a perfect fit. It was the best move I ever made. I am a commuter that needs to transport a heavy laptop, gym clothes, and a purse everyday. Luckily this is not a problem as I can attach two bags to the rack on the rear of the bike and I am all set to go!!!

My daily commute can take anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes, depending on how much power assistance I feel is needed at the moment. In a car this ride would take me 20 minutes during rush hour, plus time to find parking. When I made the decision to get rid of my car, and get a bike, the OHM was the only choice. I needed to find a solution that could get me around the SF hills and not affect my day to day routine.

The bike is extremely versatile, some days I will throttle my way into work with a dress and heels on, the next day I will peddle the whole way in with jeans on. I will take it across town to a pilates class, to dinner with a friend and back home. This weekend I will take it on a bike ride across the Golden Gate bridge and into the mountains. I have saved thousands of dollars by riding an OHM, not to mention helping out the environment.